Job Offers Key points

Offered a Job? consider the following:

1) A Job Offer can be made before interview, during interview or after interview, depending on the Client’s Decision.
2) If in doubt, to ensure the offer is from a real company, you may search about the company details online, call on their given numbers. etc
3) How much, if any is, Overtime salary
4) Type of accommodation, single, shared, and its location.
5) Food allowance/facilities.
6) Contract duration.
7) Is the contract renewable or not
8) Are their any paid leaves? How many and after what duration of service?
9) Can you get emergency leave?
10) What project will you work on?
11) What is the location(s) of your work?
12) If you perform exceptionally well. Are their chances of salary increase, before the contract duration ends?
13) What new skills, Computer Softwares, Machines, etc, will you be able to learn on the job?
14) Will the company sponsor their employees in studying for certification courses related to the job?
15) Are there any bonuses?





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