Selection Procedure

Step 1: Demand Initiation

The Client will formally inform us about their complete list of vacancies along with their respective job descriptions. This will include the nature of work, profile details, number of positions, qualifications required, experience details, skills wanted, salary range to be offered, if contractual then the duration, the geographical location, and all other required details.

In this the Client will provide us with the necessary authorization and will also send us a copy of the Standard Agreement that is between the employer & employee.
Step 2: Recruitment Initiation, Pre-Screening, Advertisements, Head hunting 

 Once we receive the Job Description from the client’s end, the initial processing is of picking resumes of suitable candidates from our data bank, or by advertising requirements, head hunting and by displaying job details on our web, and by using multiple social-networking tools to attract applicants etc.

  1. Once we receive considerable resumes; we will start communicating with respective candidate (a preliminary interview), forwarding the most apt candidate details [pre-screened candidates] to the Client for their review.
  2. Further, when we get the short listed candidate list from the Client, we organize interview schedules in accordance to client’s & candidates’ feasibility / availability.


The following mediums will be used for advertising Client’s vacant jobs:

  1. Website,
  2. Newspapers
  3. Social Media – Linkedin

Step 3: Interview Arrangements & Salary Negotiation

 Interviews are arranged in our office if in Lahore, Karachi and for Islamabad and other cities a Rest House / Hotel with easy accessibility is reserved.

  1. Candidates are allocated time slots for the interview.
  2. If the Client is to take written tests, candidates are asked to solve the preliminary test.
  3. Trade tests can also be conducted depending on the Clients’ requirements, if any.
  4. All short-listed candidates will be called at the Interview place at given time/venue to ensure they are briefed about the Client, recruitment procedure, and Laws.
  5. After the completion of interviews, the Client shall be asked to provide us the final list of selected candidates or to do so on returning back to their company.
  6. Soonest PPA gets the final list of selected candidates from the Client, PPA’s Processing Department will start following up the selected candidates and inform them about the selection and offered package.

Step 4: Acceptance, Medical & Departure Formalities.

  1. Once the candidates accept the offer, the Client will be informed about every detail & the whole process is adequately documented.
  2. In case the candidate denies the offer, the Client will be informed about the demand or other problems and shall request to provide the alternative candidate.
  3. Once the final selection is over and the processing begins, the passport formalities are completed, and the selected candidates shall be forwarded for medical checkup at the authorized medical center. Soon after the Electronic Visa Application is filed, and online payments are made, Medical verification via online system is carried out, Educational Certificates are attested if required, and the case is submitted to the embassy for visa endorsement.
  4. In a case where the Client requires any special medical tests for candidates, the necessary arrangements will be made for the same.
  5. As soon as the visa is endorsed we proceed to complete their Post Visa formalities, including traveling and protectorate / government formalities.
  6. We provide basic orientation to the candidates before traveling abroad. The basic aim of such sessions is to orient candidates with the local laws of the country, company rules and policies, employment terms/working conditions, climate, behavioral aspects while in a foreign country, and readiness to overcome home sickness and other allied problems, besides departure instructions and farewell.

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