Departure Guidelines

The pre-departure manual is prepared to address your concerns to highlight important instructions you should be aware of throughout your departure and arrival in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Following are the guideline related to your departure and arrival,

  1. Please ensure you have collected all your documents from PPA
  2. Please go through your documents and ticket carefully.
  3. Please reach airport at least 3 hours prior to departure time
  4. Kindly keep your passport and air ticket in tact as it will be checked 3 to 4 times at the airport.
  5. Kindly ensure your luggage weight is not over the limit
  6. Kindly ensure you are not carrying razor, blade, scissor, nail cutter or any other pointed/sharp material in your hand carry bag and ensure your luggage bags are in good shape.
  7. Kindly ensure you are not carrying narcotic drugs
  8. Kindly ensure you have doctor’s prescription and invoice of the medical store if carrying special medicines
  9. Kindly take 16 photographs (white background) (size: 3 x 4 cm) along with you


Airport of Origin:


  1. On reaching your airport of Origin (Lahore, Islamabad or Karachi etc), go to International departures and look out for your Airline counter (PIA, Saudi Ailines, Etihad, Emirates, etc) and immediately report there
  2. Airline Counter’s representative will check your passport and ticket. Weigh your luggage, tag them and provide you the BOARDING PASS.
  3. Boarding pass carries information about your seat number and gate number.
  4. Take your boarding card and wait in the departure lounge for the announcement to proceed for airplane (normally announced 20-30 minutes prior to departure time).
  5. After the announcement, proceed towards the departure gate, gate number mentioned in boarding pass.
  6. Your passport and boarding pass will be checked again before entering the airplane.
  7. If you have a connected flight, make sure you have a copy of ticket with you for the next flight. Sometimes boarding card for the next flight is given along with the first boarding card, keep the boarding card safely with you for the next flight.
  8. In case of connecting flight within Pakistan, emigration procedure will be completed at the second airport of origin otherwise emigration procedure will be done at the first origin.
  9. At the emigration counter, Exit will be stamped on your passport.


Alien Card:

  1. Airplane crew will handover you ALIEN IDENTITY CARD during your flight. Fill the form: Name, Father Name, Passport No. and Sponsor’s information (your employer’s name and contact number) etc.


Arrival in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:


  1. On arriving at airport in Saudi Arabia. Go towards the emigration counter for “entry stamp” on your passport. This process may take a very long time.
  2. Soonest you get a chance, inform your family in Pakistan about your safe arrival
  3. On completion of emigration formalities, take your luggage and proceed towards the exit.
  4. Look for the employer’s representative holding PLACARD of your name, PPA or employer’s name.
  5. In case of any problem, call at the emergency numbers of employer provided to you

Important Notes:

  1. Consider an overseas employment as an opportunity to excel and learn.
  2. During your stay in Saudi Arabia, you are requested to obey their rules and regulations strictly
  3. Do not involve yourself in any quarrel/fights or any illegal activities.
  4. Avoid any political discussions
  5. Respect the terms of your agreement (duration, working hours etc)
  6. Do not take with you any items that do not belong to you. If the relatives request you to take something, please check it or make an excuse

We wish you a very safe journey and a very good luck!


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